From Center Ait Yadine Khemisset… with Passion !

In order to present unique Burberry rugs and original decorative objects, the TAPISBERBER team meets regularly in Morocco with Lionel, and specifically in Center Ait Yadine Khemisset, our starting point.

Going to Morocco regularly allows us to meet craftsmen and weavers with tremendous talents, and learn about their history and traditions, in order to, in turn, transmit to you this passion for Moroccan handicrafts. Selling a product without knowing the true story is, in our opinion, inconsistent. But to make for unique and original pieces full of memories, there is, yeah, it all makes sense!

Today, so we focus a little on Marrakech, the dazzling city at its heart the famous Medina, a fortified medieval city with Berber origins! It’s a relatively mysterious city that we walk through with curiosity. Like a maze, small alleys intersect, and each time reveal a new surprise. Like the parade, the numerous markets and stalls reveal Moroccan objects and souvenirs of all kinds: teapots, slippers, leather bags, shawls, jewelry, baskets … an essential excursion to immerse yourself in the sparkling and hectic atmosphere of the city!

Every corner of these narrow streets reveals a secret. Gorgeous riads, traditional Moroccan houses often transformed into guesthouses, with amazing charm and enchanting charm, hide there and allow you to spend a friendly moment over delicious mint tea. By rising a little, one discovers the solid Moroccan buildings’ terraces, which for the majority are either arranged in the outdoor living room or in the restaurant or specifically to allow the bed linen to dry out.

Then we continue wandering the streets, letting ourselves be swept away by the overwhelming scent of spices or by the horn of scooters that make their way among tourists.

Marrakech is a vibrant, hospitable, attractive city that does not leave you indifferent. Our base, we love it! After days on the paths of the Moroccan plains or in the Atlas Mountains, we meet Berber tribes, weavers and potters. We would love to meet there, charge our batteries and fill with positive energy!

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