Adorn your home interior!

The trend and return of the Barbarian kilim rug to adorn your interior home!

The Hanbal rug or the Berber kilim is a traditional graphic rug that is being modernized and exported to the countries of the Maghreb through travel. The Berber weavers of the Atlas Mountains were inspired by the traditional technique of weaving the durian kilims.

Barbarian kilim: a flat woven rug that was previously used to hang on the wall
Unlike the Berber rugs, Warren Brown or Brown McCallid are designed in thick wool, the Berber Hanbal or Kilim rug is a flat, soft and flexible rug, with flat weave and narrow embroidery. With a very graphic style rendered by geometric patterns such as zigzags, lines, curves and diamonds, the barbarian kilim firmly surprises with its contemporary design! Tradition and modern formation go hand in hand!


Treat yourself to an authentic and highly decorative Burberry kilim rug!
All of the barbarian kilim rugs we offer are handcrafted, making kilims requires patience and meticulousness, and the design work can last several months!

Every piece in our collection is original and symbolic, and conveys a message of particular interest that scholars can have fun deciphering! The patterns actually dovetail with poignant and sometimes ambiguous symbolic writing.

Add personality, originality and personality to your living space with Burberry graphic kilim!
Its versatility allows matching all interior styles: bohemian, scandinavian or even kinfolk! Barbarian kilims can cover your floor as well as your wall, and act as an indoor stole or as a blanket. Its versatility, resistance, graphic and symbolic patterns will only attract you!

Add a graphic touch to your living room, bedroom or hallway! The advantage of the Berber kilim is that it is also reversible! It’s up to you to choose the side you like the most, or change the side from time to time as you like!

Motifs graphiques et ludiques, laine douillette, couleurs pastel ou vives, intégrez un tapis berbère dans la chambre de votre enfant pour créer un véritable cocon plein de douceur et de charme!
Selon le style de la pièce, bohème, antique, contemporain ou même ethnique, le tapis berbère s’intégrera parfaitement à tout type d’intérieur. Trouvez le tapis berbère le plus approprié, le tapis volant en laine Azilal avec un design amusant et des motifs géométriques colorés à partir de fils de coton, un tapis Brown Wren avec un design simple, confortable avec de la laine épaisse pour s’allonger et lire, ou le tapis amusant. La boucherite en tissus multicolores plaira à votre enfant!

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